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A comprehensive listing of South Africa's best addiction rehab centres. Trained addiction councillors to help you find a suitable rehab centres in South Africa.

We operate a free, discreet referral service for people looking for reputable, secure, cost-effective addiction recovery programs or rehabilitation centres in Johannesburg South Africa. We can also help if you have personal needs or circumstances that require specific attention regarding the treatment venue, its facilities or location.

Our Vision and Modus Operandi

We started this initiative due to concerns about unscrupulous referral services that are not acting in the interests of patients. There are many different treatment methods, financial and security implications, and other matters that the average person is not familiar with – This lack of expertise is often exploited by unethical operators who “hard-sell” certain facilities with the sole intention of self-enrichment.

People who are looking for help with addiction disorders are sometimes so overwhelmed by urgency that they tend to settle for a recovery facility without properly scrutinising the suitability of the proposed venue. Unfortunately, the standards of some treatment facilities may fall short of the extravagant promises and assurances they received.

We decided to offset the unethical practices of some referrers by offering an honest alternative. We discreetly assess and refer patients to trustworthy facilities appropriate for them and also assist with applications for enrolment, if required. We are not part of a formal association, governing body, government service or treatment program and we harbour no social, ethnic, religious or political biases.

Our Community Connections

Our initiative is supported by, an addiction community forum sponsored mainly by donations from the recovery community in South Africa – We maintain and share an independent database of treatment providers and rehabs with the Relapse Prevention team. There is a big online community supporting the project.

Relapse Prevention is a voluntary assembly of people who have endured the entire cycle of dependency and addiction, including treatment-related issues and relapses. In collaboration with them, we identified a need for providing unbiased advice to people burdened by substance use disorders, and we decided to focus on providing a reputable referral service.

While we focus on referring patients to tried and tested addiction recovery facilities, the Relapse Prevention site provides a variety of unbiased guides about substance and behaviour disorders, including a recovery course with 200 therapy sessions in video format to advise people about factors that influence their emotional responses and substance use disorders.

There is a wide range of stay lengths for rehabilitation programmes: 28 days, 90 days, up to a year or more depending on the needs of the individual. However, the length of time spent in rehabilitation varies greatly, and many programmes offer both short and long stays. Outpatient treatment programmes, inpatient residential treatment programmes, and extended long-term treatment are all available at treatment centres in South Africa.

The Punch Line

To summarise: We are a focal point for South African and global patients looking for reputable addiction treatment facilities that are cost-effective and on a par with international standards. Our nationwide database includes all known recovery facilities and rehab centres in South Africa. Our advisors are fully trained and equipped to identify and respect your personal needs and to guide you to an appropriate facility.

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We don't impose doctrine or pass judgment when it comes to assisting people in making positive changes in their lives. Addiction to alcohol and drugs can be overcome.

Patients who are assisted in making better choices at our residential rehab centre in South Africa have the real potential to change their lives. While doing so, we educate patients, assisting them in understanding their addiction and emotions, as well as how to deal with them.

Our alcohol and drug rehab facilities provide comprehensive addiction assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation for all types of substance use disorders. Holistic addiction treatment addresses all parts of one's life, including emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual recovery. South Africa Rehab's goal is to help you move on from your past, understand how to deal with it, and look forward. We invite you to learn more about our drug abuse and addiction treatment choices and to book an appointment at our rehab treatment facility.