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Locate reliable, established rehabilitation centres in Cape Town providing treatment for substance abuse and addiction related treatment issues.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment near Cape Town

We offer an efficient, free service for locating reliable, established rehabilitation centres that host specific programs for substance use disorders in Cape Town, South Africa. We remain the first point of call for affected individuals, families, partners and employers burdened with the consequences of alcohol, prescription and illegal drug use disorders.

Private care drug rehabs in Cape Town better facilitate the long term treatment of addiction in that they provide more focused individual treatment with psychotherapeutic outputs to help patients resolve in their minds the problems that are driving their addictions. Alcohol and drug abuse has long been a major cause for concern in Cape Town with some of the worst-hit areas staged in crime rampant townships. The spillover effect means that at all levels of society in Cape Town alcohol and drugs are readily available.

Based in Cape Town, our community-backed initiative finds suitable, cost-effective rehab centres for South African and international patients looking for secure, premium quality treatment solutions for chemical substance dependency and comorbid disorders.

What is Addiction Treatment?

A modern rehab centre should allow for all your needs, including client-friendly personnel and a congenial environment. It has to approach substance dependence and related mental health issues with a comprehensive, personalised treatment program that heals all the existing disorders and also provides reintegration and long-term recovery strategies. If you are troubled by alcohol or drug addiction, you will most probably find the ideal solution in Cape Town, on the panoramic tip of Southern Africa.

Finding a Rehab Program in Cape Town

Cape Town, capital of the Western Cape Province of South Africa, is a local and international focal point for South African and global patients struggling with addiction disorders who seek a safe, discreet and tranquil rehab setting in a popular, dynamic city with all the benefits of a modern international community. Finding a rehab centre in Cape Town that fits your needs is our speciality.

Symptoms of Addiction

Substance use disorders cause direct and indirect distress for the affected person and people associated with them. Symptoms and consequences include emotional disorders and relationship, financial, repetitional and career failures, as well as physical dependency, illnesses, accidents and injuries. Effective, timely treatment can result in a rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle.

Addiction Counselling and one on one Therapy in Cape Town

Cape Town is a popular destination for patients with substance use disorders, due to the availability of dynamic rehab centres offering endorsed, cutting-edge therapeutic programs in secure environmental settings. Psychological counselling is on a par with the world’s best and private, one-on-one therapy sessions between counsellors and patients is standard practice.

Addiction Counselling Benefits

Counselling (psychotherapy) is essential for effective recovery and long-term relapse prevention, as it is rarely achieved by means of willpower or medication alone. Counselling reveals current and pre-existing emotional dysfunctions. It educates and empowers patients to reshape their thought processes in order to cope better with life.

Cape Town based Groups for Addiction Rehabilitation

Community-based mutual-support groups are abundant in Cape Town and most rehab centres also provide outpatient and aftercare group therapy meetings. Community-based groups are valuable support structures managed by lay members – they do not provide professional services or treatment for acute cases. Rehab centre group therapy meetings are supervised by qualified therapists.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Cape Town

At some rehab centres qualifying patients can opt for outpatient treatment by attending the normal inhouse process during the day and returning to their own private residences in the evenings. Alternatively, they can attend one-on-one inhouse therapy at certain times of the day and conduct their normal daily tasks (outside the centre) in between, or they can attend group therapy after hours.

Contact the Cape Town Rehab Rescue Team

In the midst of dealing with a substance use disorder, urgency and lack of knowledge can hamper your efforts to find a suitable rehab centre for your requirements. You are invited to contact us for free assistance.