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We provide an efficient, free service for finding reliable, established rehab centres specialising in substance abuse and addiction treatment programs in Durban, South Africa

Alcohol Addiction Treatment near Durban

We remain the first point of call for affected individuals, families, partners and employers burdened with the consequences of alcohol, prescription and illegal drug use disorders.

Our South Africa based, community-sponsored initiative locates suitable rehabilitation centres for South African and international patients looking for efficient, cost-effective solutions for substance use and comorbid disorders.

What is Addiction Treatment?

Rehabilitation treatment should heal substance dependence and its related issues with a customised program that covers all relevant disorders and includes reintegration and long-term recovery plans. A competent rehab centre should fit all your needs, including a productive daily work program and a congenial environment. If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, we can assist with locating suitable rehab facilities in Durban, on the scenic east coast of Southern Africa.

Finding a Rehab Program in Durban

Durban, capital of the Kwazulu-Natal Province of South Africa, is a frequent venue for South African and overseas patients with chemical dependency issues who seek a secure, tranquil rehab setting in the vicinity of a bustling city with all the conveniences of a modern global society. Finding a rehab centre in Durban that fits your requirements is our speciality.

Symptoms of Addiction

Chronic use of addictive chemicals results in distress for the individual and people affected by their behaviour. Typical symptoms and outcomes include mental dysfunctions, damaged relationships, ruined reputations, poor career prospects, physical health problems and a high risk of accidents and injuries. Professional intervention can instil chemical-free wellbeing and satisfaction with life.

Addiction Counselling and one on one Therapy in Durban

Durban is a frequent destination for persons afflicted with chemical use disorders, because of its numerous offerings of modern psychotherapy programs in discreet, safe environments within a metropolitan context. Counselling is of a high standard and one-on-one therapy sessions between counsellors and patients are customary.

Addiction Counselling Benefits

Counselling is vital for full recovery and maintenance of long-term sobriety, as neither willpower, nor medication, heals the root causes of addictive tendencies. Counselling identifies existing and lingering emotional dysfunctions. It changes patients’ emotional perceptions and responses, enabling them to cope with life and to attain overall wellbeing.

Durban Based Groups for Addiction Rehabilitation

Voluntary, self-help community groups are available in Durban and most rehab centres also provide outpatient and aftercare group therapy meetings. Voluntary groups are support structures led by recovering group members and do not render treatment for acute recovery. Rehab centre groups are supervised by qualified therapists and accessible only by prior arrangement.

Outpatient addiction treatment in Durban

Rehab centres may allow outpatients to attend the full daily inhouse treatment activities and to return to their own homes at the end of the day. Otherwise, they can attend private therapy sessions at pre-appointed times of the day and go home or pursue activities outside the centre at other times, or they can opt for evening or weekend group therapy meetings.

Contact the Durban Rehab Rescue Team

If urgency and inexperience about the industry frustrates your efforts to find a rehab centre fitting your requirements, you can contact us for free, confidential help.