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Bloemfontein Rehab Centres

Based on your needs, our advisors can refer you to suitable facilities in Bloemfontein, and also assist with enrolment if required.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment near Bloemfontein

We operate an efficient, free and discreet health service initiative to locate reputable rehab centres offering modern substance abuse and addiction treatment programs in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

We are a South African based, community-funded initiative that identifies suitable, cost-effective rehab centres for local and international patients seeking safe havens with quality treatment solutions for chemical dependencies and co-occurring ailments. We remain the first point of call for all those burdened with the consequences of alcohol, prescription and illegal drug use disorders.

What is Addiction Treatment?

Competent rehab centres must pay attention to all your concerns, including active daily schedules, responsive office staff and satisfactory residential facilities. Substance addiction must be healed with an efficient treatment plan, custom-created by a certified therapist, dealing with all your existing personal disorders, as well as strategies for reintegration into daily life and long-term relapse prevention.

Finding a Rehab Program in Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein, capital city of the Free State province of South Africa, has direct air links with Johannesburg, an international hub, with a flight time of only 25 minutes. It is accessible via most South African commercial airports, bus services and major roads. It offers local and overseas patients discreet rehab environments, yet easy access to advanced technologies. Finding a rehab centre in Bloemfontein that satisfies your preferences is our speciality.

Symptoms of Addiction

Individuals with chronic alcohol and drug problems distress themselves and other people. Symptoms can manifest in mood disorders and physical illnesses, poor relationships, loss of income, accidents, injuries, legal problems and homelessness. Efficient rehab treatment can change this to overall wellbeing and a meaningful life.

Addiction Counselling and one on one Therapy in Bloemfontein

The leading rehab centres in Bloemfontein employ qualified, multi-disciplinary therapists. They have direct access to medical specialists, dietitians, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and university facilities of international quality. Modern counselling techniques and private, one-on-one sessions with therapists are standard procedures.

Addiction Counselling Benefits

Full recovery and long-term sobriety necessitates counselling, as willpower or medication does not address the underlying reasons for acute, chronic usage of mood changing chemicals. Counselling targets current and old emotional disorders in patients, then teaches them to overcome it and to achieve wellbeing without the need for chemical crutches.

Bloemfontein based Groups for Addiction Rehabilitation

Voluntary support groups run by residents of local communities are available in Bloemfontein and some rehab centres also have independent group therapy meetings. Voluntary groups are usually open to anybody in need of support, but do not have treatment facilities for acute cases. Rehab centre groups are supervised by qualified therapists and require patients to apply for admission.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Bloemfontein

Some patients may require medical detoxing before they can start with outpatient counselling. At certain rehab centres patients who qualify for outpatient treatment, can take part in the full daily inhouse activities, but return to their own homes at the end of the day. Or they can attend private therapy at certain times of the day while pursuing their normal daily activities at other times.

Contact the Bloemfontein Rehab Rescue Team

While you are dealing with the demands of a substance use disorder it may be difficult to find a suitable rehab centre, due to circumstances or inexperience about available options. If so, contact us for free, discreet assistance.