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Pretoria Rehab Centres

We manage a discreet, free, community-sponsored service for locating reputable recovery facilities and rehab centres providing efficient substance abuse and addiction treatment programs in or near Pretoria, South Africa.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment near Pretoria

We manage a free, confidential, community-sponsored service for locating reputable rehab facilities providing treatment for substance use disorders in or near Pretoria, South Africa.

Our centres are based in South Africa, we are primed to identify suitable, cost-effective facilities for local and international patients seeking trustworthy treatment havens in Southern Africa. Our non-profit initiative is the logical first port of call for people burdened with alcohol, drug and other chemical use disorders.

What is Addiction Treatment?

Competent rehab facilities provide modern treatment techniques, approved by the health industry, and secure, congenial environments. Treatment should comprise a custom-designed, multi-dimensional program that focuses on your personal condition, heals all relevant disorders, prepares you for re-entry into daily life, and provides a long-term sobriety plan. Environmental priorities should include approachable personnel and reasonable compliance with special requests from patients that go beyond the usual terms of service.

Finding a Rehab Program in Pretoria

Pretoria, administrative capital of South Africa, is a major city in the Gauteng Province – the economic hub of Southern Africa. It is accessible via international and regional airports, major roadways and various bus and shuttle services. It attracts local and overseas patients seeking discreet rehab settings in a city with all the assets of a modern metropolitan community. Finding a rehab centre in or near Pretoria that satisfies your needs is our speciality.

Symptoms of Addiction

Substance use disorders distresses the affected individuals, and most people in contact with them, and it becomes progressively worse over time. Symptoms include emotional disorders, physical dependency and denial when confronted. The consequences range through social embarrassment, poor productvity, income loss, accidents, legal wrangles, abandonment, illness and untimely death.

Addiction Counselling and one on one Therapy in Pretoria

Pretoria is frequently visited by patients with substance disorders, due to the prevalence of modern therapeutic programs in a metropolitan area offering direct access to international grade medical and other support structures. Counselling and one-on-one therapy sessions, that compare favourably with international standards, are basic routines offered by most treatment facilities.

Addiction Counselling Benefits

Without addiction counselling a person who stops chronic use of an addictive substance on his own rarely succeeds in maintaining sobriety. Willpower and medication suppress cravings, but do not heal the underlying emotional triggers that eventually overwhelms the person again. Counselling is the best strategy for achieving long-term wellbeing. One of the main benefits, is discovery of underlying disorders that an affected person was never aware of.

Pretoria based Groups for Addiction Rehabilitation

There are many community-based support groups in Pretoria’s sedate suburbs. Rehab centres also have outpatient group meetings. Community-based support groups, managed by lay members, have open meetings that anybody in need of support can freely attend. Rehab centre groups, supervised by qualified therapists, have closed meetings requiring prior arrangement before you can join them.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Pretoria

At some rehab centres you can attend outpatient treatment by going to the centre every morning, completing the full daily inhouse program, and returning home afterwards. Or you can arrange for one-on-one inhouse therapy sessions with a counsellor at pre-appointed times of the day and perform your normal daily activities outside the centre for the rest of the day.

Contact the Pretoria Rehab Rescue Team

Although choosing the right rehab centre is important, lack of expert knowledge about the industry can frustrate your efforts to find a suitable establishment. We invite you to contact us for free assistance.