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Addiction Rehab Centres in Alberton

Private addiction Recovery Centre for alcohol & drug rehab in Alberton offering personalised consultation and rehabilitation treatment for addictions.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment near Alberton

We provide free, community-sponsored services for finding trustworthy rehab centres specialising in substance use disorder treatment programs in and near Alberton, South Africa.

Not all rehab centres and treatment programs for alcohol, drugs and other chemicals are the same. Many factors influence the decision about the best facility for you. As a South African based initiative, we have ideal resources to assist local and overseas patients with finding the facilities they need.

What is Addiction Treatment?

The universal principles of treatment are; enabling a patient to stop using an addictive substance, lowering the risk of relapse, and enabling affected persons to rebuild their lives. To achieve this, a qualified therapist should conduct an in-depth assessment of a patient’s unique requirements and then integrate a number of proven treatment modules into a single, comprehensive treatment process for that person.

Finding a Rehab Program in Alberton

Alberton is near Johannesburg and close to O.R. Tambo International airport in South Africa’s Gauteng Province, the economic hub of Southern Africa. It is accessible via most airways, as well as major roads and highways. It is recommended for local and international patients seeking rehab treatment in a big city with direct access to modern technology. Finding a rehab program in Alberton that fits your requirements is our speciality.

Symptoms of Addiction

Substance use disorder is an illness with many causes and effects. The symptoms and consequences are different for each individual. Typically it includes emotional dysfunctions, maladapted coping mechanisms, high risk behaviours, mental and physical decline, relationship, financial, legal and career problems. If not professionally healed, it can culminate in social abandonment and untimely death.

Addiction Counselling and one on one Therapy in Alberton

Numerous rehab centres for substance use disorders, offering modern therapeutic counselling programs in secure environmental settings, are available in the Alberton area. They also have access to all types of international-grade medical, scientific and educational support systems. Group, family and individual counselling is highly competent. One-on-one therapy, involving only the therapist and a patient, is a common procedure.

Addiction Counselling Benefits

Effective recovery and relapse prevention is seldom achieved with a medical detox and willpower, unless it is supported by counselling. Providing the motivation to change, skills to resist relapses, replacing drug-using activities with rewarding activities, enhancing emotional skills, and improving interpersonal relationships, are just a few examples of counselling benefits.

Alberton based Groups for Addiction Rehabilitation

Detoxification and professional recovery treatment is not provided by community-based support groups. However, most rehab centres encourage patients to join support groups after formal treatment. They provide an added layer of social motivation, by people with similar disorders, to help maintain abstinence and general wellbeing. There are many support groups in the Alberton area.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Alberton

At some rehab centres outpatients can attend day-programs by participating in the full inhouse activities during the day and returning to their own homes every evening. Otherwise, they can attend inhouse counselling at appointed times of the day and return home or continue with their normal employment duties when a session is finished. These options are subject to approval by a therapist.

Contact the Alberton Rehab Rescue Team

Lack of knowledge about the availability, locations and options of facilities can keep you from finding a suitable rehab centre for your requirements. You are invited to contact us for free, discreet assistance. Based on your needs, our advisors can refer you to appropriate facilities in or near Alberton, and also assist with enrolment if required.