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Rehab Centres in Benoni South Africa

Find quality Rehab Centres in Benoni, South Africa. Warm open allows you the freedom to delve into yourself, and find what it was that you want out of life.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment near Benoni

Our free, unbiased service can save you time and trouble by locating trustworthy facilities for treating substance use disorders, fitting your specific needs, in or near Benoni, South Africa.

Our South African based initiative identifies rehab centres featuring validated treatment programs, secure environments, endorsed mental health therapists and access to accredited medical facilities, as well as the ability to meet local and international clients’ specific requirements.

What is Addiction Treatment?

Ideally, treatment should involve a combination of evidence-based modules dealing with the substance dependency itself, as well as all relevant co-existing disorders and maintenance of ongoing abstinence.  Evidence-based means there is formal data or confirmation about the efficacy of a treatment module. Competent therapists also address concerns like reintegration into daily life and achieving wellbeing without mood-altering medication.

Finding a Rehab Program in Benoni

Benoni is close to Johannesburg in South Africa’s Gauteng Province, economic hub of Southern Africa. It can be accessed via international and regional airways, major highways and various shuttle services. It is recommended for local and overseas patients seeking sheltered treatment in a city with first-world dynamics. Finding a facility in or near Benoni with a rehab program fitting your requirements is our speciality.

Symptoms of Addiction

Symptoms of drug use disorder include mental disorders, social distress, progressive tolerance for and dependency on the substance, as well as overwhelming cravings for it and an obsession with it at the cost of everything else. Consequences include neglected responsibilities, faltering relationships, career damage, financial and legal issues, as well as injuries and terminal illnesses.

Addiction Counselling and one on one Therapy in Benoni

Rehab centres with sound ethical policies and dynamic treatment programs with integrated, evidence-based modules are available in or near Benoni. Most centres offer addiction counselling on a par with the world’s best. One-on-one therapy is standard procedure, although the frequency of sessions varies from one centre to the next.

Addiction Counselling Benefits

People with substance use disorder can not simply stop using and consider themselves cured. Most patients need psychological counselling and a long-term contingency strategy to maintain abstinence. Counseling is widely acknowledged as the best treatment option, as it also heals the underlying causes and triggers of the substance taking behaviour. There are many other benefits, but this is the most vital aspect not addressed by detoxification and willpower on their own.

Benoni based Groups for Addiction Rehabilitation

Community-based support groups can complement professional treatment, but they do not administer professional treatment for users in the active, acute phase of a substance use disorder. However, they are valuable social support structures for ongoing motivation of abstinence after detoxification and formal treatment in a rehab centre. Communal support groups exist in many suburbs of Benoni and rehab centres also offer group therapy as an additional layer of treatment.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Benoni

Outpatients who are mentally and physically capable, can apply to attend the normal, full daily inhouse program at a centre and go back to their private homes by late afternoon. Alternatively, they can attend inhouse counselling at certain daily times and stay at home or pursue other activities, outside the centre, in between these appointments.

Contact the Benoni Rehab Rescue Team

Given the general lack of useful public reference sources, you may struggle to locate the best rehab centre for your requirements. You are invited to contact us for free, confidential help. Based on your personal needs, our advisors can refer you to suitable rehab centres in or near Benoni, and can also assist with enrolment if required.