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Family Programmes For Addiction

Our family relative program ensures that the whole family is given the opportunity to help.

Being family of any person affected by an addiction can be very hard. Many people completely ignore this problem and the need for help with their relatives. When the client has been treated, the relatives are frequently left to their own devices to take care of a persona that may still require professional guidance. This disconnect frequently causes problems in family relationships and that only one the patient has undergone the beginning phase of their personal development there is a substantially increased risk of relapse if the home environment is not equipped to assist in the path of recovery.

To accommodate this obvious need, Recovery Direct has ensured that all inscribed relatives can register for our relative courses on the process of helping their loved one through the initial months of recovery outside of the treatment centre.

In many cases it may be very helpful for the whole family that their relatives get help and start in the groups while the addict starts treatment. The family suffers at least as much and it often becomes ready to seek help before the addict does. When the family gets help and acquires more knowledge about abuse / addiction will also affect the abuser so that he or she may want to stop his abuse earlier than otherwise.