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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab in Germiston

Based on your needs, our experienced advisors can refer you to suitable facilities in Germiston, and also assist with enrolment if required.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment in Germiston

By calling our free referral service you can save yourself the time and effort of looking for a trustworthy alcohol and drug rehab centre for your specific needs, in or near Germiston, in South Africa’s Gauteng Province.

We have created a community-sponsored South African rehab centre location service to assist local and overseas clients searching for trustworthy treatment programs for substance use disorders. Our mission is to identify solutions complying with your unique requirements.

What is Addiction Treatment?

Proper rehab treatment safely terminates a person’s dependency on harmful chemicals, heals all the disorders that instigated it, preps patients for re-entry into society, and defuses the relapse risk. It requires professional analysis of a patient’s circumstances, and then applying a multi-faceted treatment plan, tailor-made for that patient. The rehab environment must also be secure and congenial.

Finding a Rehab Program in Germiston

Germiston is near Johannesburg and the O.R. Tambo International airport in South Africa’s Gauteng Province, the bustling economic hub of Southern Africa. It is accessible via most airways, as well as major roads and highways. It suits local and global patients seeking a recovery setting with easy access to cutting edge technology. Finding a rehab program in or near Germiston fitting your requirements is our speciality.

Symptoms of Addiction

Substance use disorder often invites condemnation by society, despite it being defined as an illness that overwhelms unsuspecting, vulnerable people and causes behaviour they cannot control. It also leads to multiple physical, emotional and material problems. Though effective recovery treatment is available, afflicted people often resist it, mostly due to fear of the withdrawal symptoms and a perception that life will be generally unbearable without chemical stimulation.

Counselling and One-on-One Therapy in Germiston

Many rehab centres in Germiston offer addiction counselling of international excellence in secure residential settings. One-on-one therapy sessions between counsellors and patients is standard procedure, although the frequency of such private sessions vary from one centre to the next.

Addiction Counselling Benefits

Limiting yourself to detoxification and a personal determination to stop using addictive chemicals is inadequate for ensuring sustained abstinence – most patients need additional psychological counselling to heal all the underlying factors that originally caused the problem and still influence it. This is the core benefit of specialist counselling, but it also offers many other advantages, all aimed at significantly boosting the person’s coping skills and sense of wellbeing.

Rehabilitation Support Groups in Germiston

Community-based support groups are available in Germiston. Most rehab centres also have private group therapy sessions. Community groups are normally overseen by lay members of a group, while rehab centre groups are supervised by qualified therapists. Groups are valued for their motivational support, but do not provide detoxing or treatment services for acute cases of substance use disorder.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Germiston

At some Germiston rehab centres outpatients, who are healthy enough to manage it, can participate in inhouse programs during the day and return to their own, private residences in the evenings. They can also arrange for private therapy sessions that last an hour or two, and stay at home or go to work in between these appointments. Both arrangements call for self-discipline and reliable daily transport.

Contact our Germiston Rehab Rescue Team

Some rehab centres have the resources to deliver a full range of options, while others do not. The differences are not always obvious and clients may struggle to find an appropriate facility.