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You are invited to call our free, independent service for finding validated South African alcohol and drug rehab centres that match your special requirements in or near Oudtshoorn, South Africa.

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What is Addiction Treatment?

Effectual treatment will deal with substance use disorders by healing all the associated medical and psychological maladies, and also prime patients for their return to daily life and long-term wellbeing. Treatment should be professionally tailored to a patient’s unique personal characteristics, instead of using the outdated ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept still proffered by some facilitators.

Finding a Rehab Program in Oudtshoorn

Oudtshoorn is in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, near the south eastern seaboard. It is accessible by air and via national roadways. Medical detox facilities, private counsellors and voluntary support groups are available in Oudtshoorn – If these facilities do not meet a patient’s needs, then rehab centres in nearby towns may suffice. Finding a facility with a rehab program fulfilling your needs is our speciality.

Symptoms of Addiction

The many problems generated by substance use disorder are fairly easy to point out, but the root causes are more difficult to define. An overriding symptom is that some people are predisposed to addictions and are unaware of it. The complex underlying issues require expert intervention, but victims often avoid it, as they fear the withdrawals and also dread facing daily life without a mood-changing chemical.

Addiction Counselling and One-on-One Therapy

Substance use disorder is classified as a mental disorder and psychological counselling is essential for effective treatment. Rehab centres should offer at least two one-on-one counselling sessions per week – where only one therapist and one patient is present – to address issues deemed too sensitive for group discussions.  We can help with locating centres offering optimum counselling services.

Addiction Counselling Benefits

Counselling involves analysing a person’s emotional stressors, including the remnants of traumatic experiences. It teaches cognitive skills to control intrusive thoughts and to eliminate maladaptive survival methods. The results enhance all spheres of a patient’s life and limit the risk of relapses.

Groups for Addiction Rehabilitation

Rehab centres harness inhouse group meetings for additional therapy during treatment, and sometimes also for outpatient counselling. Other voluntary peer groups, usually in suburban areas and run by lay members, are valuable motivational platforms. Patients, who are still actively using addictive substances, usually need medical and inhouse rehab treatment before joining peer groups outside the centre.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Oudtshoorn

Outpatients can make use of so-called ‘day programs’, where they travel to a rehab centre for the full daily program, but return to their own homes every evening. One-on-one therapy is another option, where you commit to a series of appointments with a therapist and go home after each session. Live internet therapy with webcam technology is the latest option offered by some facilities. Psychiatrists and psychologists are available for private outpatient counselling in Oudtshoorn.

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